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March 21, 2023

JUST LISTED! 6105 Innisvale Dr. Fairfax Station - $1,599,000

JUST LISTED! 6105 Innisvale Dr. Fairfax Station - $1,599,000

Serene Private Retreat with Wooded Views on 5+ Acres! 

Beautiful 5 Bedroom, 4.5 Bathroom Custom Home - 3 Car Garage

Now for Sale in Fairfax Station! 

6105 Innisvale Dr Exterior

6105 Innisvale Dr Homes for Sale in Fairfax Station

5 Bedrooms | 4.5 Baths | +/- 7,000 Fin. Sq. Ft.


Call us at 703-462-0700 or email us at to schedule a time to view this stunning property!


Special Features & Updates

Main Level Features


  • Dramatic 2-story foyer w/ grand curved stairway & chandelier 
  • Bright, open layout w/ great flow! 
  • Gleaming hardwood flooring 
  • High ceilings & recessed lighting 
  • Family room w/ vaulted 2-story ceiling, floor to ceiling windows & cozy fireplace 
  • Formal living room flowing into sunlit sitting room, w/ back to back fireplaces 
  • Light & bright formal dining room 
  • Crown molding & chair railing 
  • Spacious kitchen w/ wood cabinetry, Sub-Zero refrigerator, double ovens, island & desk area 
  • Sunny breakfast room off kitchen w/ French doors to deck 
  • Bright office w/ built-ins & wet bar
  • Half bathroom
  • Large mudroom/laundry room off kitchen w/ separate entrance & garage access

Upper Level Features

  • Expansive primary "retreat" spans depth of the home!
    • Spacious bedroom w/ separate sitting room boasts built-ins, dual-sided fireplace & walkout to private balcony
    • Huge spa-like bathroom w/ vaulted ceilings, skylights, jetted tub & walk-in shower
    • Dressing room w/ vanity & access to walk-in closet & private cedar closet
  • 3 additional Bedrooms and 2 additional bathrooms

Lower Level Features

  • Huge finished basement w/ endless possibilities!
  • Rec room w/ wet bar, wine fridge, glass display cabinets, fireplace & walkout to backyard
  • 5th bedroom, bonus room, den & full bathroom!
  • Huge cedar closet

Exterior & Other Features

  • 3-car side-entry garage
  • 5+ acre lot! Lush fenced grounds front & back + garden area, as well as extensive wooded grounds beyond fence!
Oct. 13, 2022

Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update - 9 Tips for Home Buyers in 2022

The Northern Virginia real estate market is in the middle of a substantial shift. What are the top nine things for home buyers to keep in mind right now?

Tip #1: The Market is Definitely Shifting

After the pandemic started in 2020, the Northern Virginia real estate market slowed down, and a lot of people were wondering what was going to happen.


Everyone was wondering if recording offices were going to close in counties, and whether real estate sales would stop temporarily, so there was a lull that happened for a while when the pandemic started. About two or three months after the pandemic began, the Northern Virginia real estate market really started to build momentum (especially that summer of 2020), and it took off like a rocket. It didn’t start to slow down until recently. During that real estate market boom (later in 2020 through early 2022), bidding wars took on a whole new dimension. You’d have easily 15 plus offers on properties on almost every single home and townhome. Most of the offers that would be submitted would have 0 contingencies (no home inspection, no contingency, no appraisal contingency, no financing contingency). It was a crazy market!  That's what happened up until several months ago, when interest rates started rising sharply.

Tip #2: Contingencies For Home Buyers Are Actually Becoming a Thing Again

Contingencies became very uncommon for buyers that were actually winning contracts during this crazy Northern Virginia real estate market boom that started in 2020. Now, I'm seeing a lot fewer bidding wars, and in the bidding wars that I’m seeing, a lot of buyers are seeking regular contingencies again and still winning contracts. That's a big deal! For a long time, buyers just were not able to have those things and still win contracts. Now, we're seeing situations where a lot of our clients are able to have regular negotiable home inspection contingencies again, where they’re able to have regular financing contingencies, regular appraisal contingencies, and still win contracts.

Tip #3: The Northern Virginia Real Estate Market is Normalizing

So what does that mean? It just means that as a buyer, it is not necessarily like you're able to get a huge discount on every single property. It just means that home prices are starting to stabilize and come down some. Some properties are sitting on the market a little longer and offer situations are just not as competitive. The market is looking a lot more normal. What's happened is that a lot of sellers were, and often still are, living in the past, in the market from several months ago. They're overpricing their properties, which is why a lot of properties are experiencing price reductions. That's a big opportunity for a Northern Virginia home buyer.

Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update - 9 Tips for Home Buyers in 2022Tip #4: Many Sellers Have Not Come to Terms With The Current Northern Virginia Real Estate Market

As I mentioned, a lot of sellers are still living in the past. They've been living in the Northern Virginia real estate market from a few months ago. Because the interest rates are going up, there are fewer buyers in the game right now. The sellers who are smart right now are pricing competitively and they're getting out ahead of the shift that's happening in the market (instead of still thinking they can get the prices from two or three months ago). What does that mean to you as a buyer when you have lots of sellers that are still living in the market from a few months ago? It just means that there's a tug-of-war right now between home buyers and home sellers, and it might take a little bit of extra patience in your home search to find a property that you want at the price that you want. It's going to take a while for sellers to continue to realize that they're not in the driver's seat like they were in the Northern Virginia real estate market as recently as a few months ago.

Tip #5:  There Are Still Bidding Wars in This Market

It's important to know how to navigate the types of bidding wars that are happening right now.  Even though they're still bidding wars, there are just not as many of them. The segment of the current Northern Virginia real estate market where bidding wars typically happen the most is the most upgraded properties that are on the market: the nicest ones, the most renovated ones, the showpieces. These are the properties that get the most interest from buyers. A lot of home buyers don't want to have to do work and pay for upgrades after they buy a property. The homes in Northern Virginia that are getting the most action right now are the most upgraded move-in-ready properties. If these properties are priced well, they will get a lot of action and could very well have a bidding war on their hands. Properties that are not doing quite as well in this shifting Northern Virginia real estate market are properties that need some work and are not priced well. If a property is a fixer upper and is priced pretty well, it'll still get a lot of interest. But, the problem is a lot of sellers are still overpricing their properties even though they need work or even though they're not particularly upgraded. Those kinds of properties are just not getting as much interest and they're usually sitting on the market longer. 

Tip #6: Northern Virginia Condo Market

The condo market in Northern Virginia is still fairly erratic right now and can be a good opportunity for buyers. During the boom from 2020 into early 2022, condos were not benefiting as much from that boom as single family homes and townhomes. One of the trends that started happening was that buyers just needed more space. A lot of people were working from home, they wanted private entrances, patios, yards, second and third bedrooms, office space. While condos did fine in many situations, they weren't benefiting from that crazy Bonkers Boom from 2020 to early 2022. They’re still recovering from that more erratic kind of market from the past couple of years, and they still represent a really good opportunity for buyers.

Tip #7: Fixer-Uppers Are a Really Good Opportunity For Buyers in This Current Northern Virginia Real Estate Market

Right now, any property that is overpriced will likely sit longer on the market, but fixer-uppers that need some renovations and updating are sitting longer. That represents a great opportunity for buyers who don't mind putting work into a property and buying a place that's not completely move-in ready. The caveat is that ever since 2020, it's been hard to nail down contractors on scheduling and getting people in to do work. If you buy a fixer-upper, you might need some patience in terms of getting together a good crew of people that are available and can do good work.

Tip #8: Higher Interest Rates, Not Highest

Interest rates are higher right now, but, compared to history, they're not that bad! Bottom line is that we all got spoiled for a long time with these artificially low interest rates. They were amazing. A lender that I know really well has a good saying when it comes to the current interest rates - “Marry the home, not the interest rate.” I think it's good to keep in mind that when you buy right now, you're getting an interest rate that might be a little higher than you'd like, but you can always refinance in the future. Once you buy your home, that’s where you want to get into the place that you love. Interest rates can always be changed later. Your home can't - unless you sell and buy another one in the future. Focus on finding a home that you really like right now and knowing that you can always refinance your interest rate later.

Tip #9: Good Market for Anyone Wanting to Sell Their Home and Buy Another Home at The Same Time

During the boom from 2020 on into early 2022, home sale contingencies just became a thing of the past. Every single client I had who was trying to sell their home and then buy another house had to make all kinds of different arrangements that really were not ideal for them, just because of how crazy the Northern Virginia real estate market was. For instance, selling their property first (and making a pretty penny on it which is great), but having to look into temporary living arrangements and put their belongings in storage while they found the right property. Now, we actually have a lot of clients who are getting home sale contingencies accepted by sellers again. They're writing offers on properties that have been on the market a little bit longer, and the seller is more willing at that point to consider something like a home sale contingency. That's a big deal! It allows you to sell your property and have a lot more flexibility with the timeline and the logistics of your move.

Thinking of buying a home in Northern Virginia? Call me at 703-462-0700 or email me at I’d love to connect with you and find out how I could help!

Sept. 23, 2022

Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update - 8 Tips for Home Sellers in 2022

The Northern Virginia real estate market is shifting. What are the top eight things for sellers to know about what's happening? 

1. Causes And Effects of The Market Shift

A little background about what happened in the past couple years, after the pandemic started in 2020 for the first two or three months things were really uncertain with the Northern Virginia real estate market as it was across the country. 

However, after that first two to three months, the market started taking off like a rocket and it never started slowing down, until recently. With the lower interest rates that were happening in 2020, tons of buyers jumped in the market and we saw a seller's market in Northern Virginia like pretty much no other.  We saw buyers literally waiving every single contingency and every property selling for $50,000 or $100,000 more over list price. It was an amazing time for sellers. 

However, due to the rising interest rates, the Northern Virginia real estate market has started to shift significantly. To put this in perspective of what sellers and buyers are experiencing right now right now is if we look at an example regarding a mortgage amount. So, if a buyer gets a $500,000 mortgage, a few months ago (when rates were still really low) buyers would be looking at about a $2,000 a month payment from that $500,000 mortgage. Now that rates have gone up significantly in the past few months, a buyer is looking at about a $2,900 a month payment for that mortgage amount. That's a big deal to most home buyers. Keep in mind it hasn't become a buyer's market overnight or anything. Technically, with the inventory levels the way they are right now, even though inventory has picked up in a lot of areas - they're still fairly low so technically on paper it's still a seller's market right now. It's just a much less crazy seller's market that it was a few months ago 

2. You Can't Get Away With Overpricing Like You Did a Few Months Ago

During the real estate boom in the Northern Virginia real estate market from the past couple years, a home seller could get away with overpricing their single-family home or townhome. They could look at the recent comparable sales price above the recent comparable sales and still know that they would likely have a bidding war on their hands (just due to the supply and demand). Now, the market is not like that. It's very important to price well and to price according to the shift that's happening. 

One reason you're seeing so many price reductions right now is not because the bottom of the market's falling out or anything, it's just that many sellers are pricing according to what they thought would be this never-ending stair-step effect that has been happening in the market from 2020 into 2022. They’re pricing according to these recent comparable sales that closed in May/June. We're not in that market anymore, so sellers who are pricing too high are having to reduce their prices to get out ahead of the reduced buyer demand. The market is not becoming a buyer's market. It’s just normalizing right now.

3. Property Condition is More Important in Today's Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Than it Was a Few Months Ago

Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update: 8 Tips for Home Sellers in 2022

During the Northern Virginia real estate market boom from 2020 and early 2020, a lot of sellers weren’t bothering to update properties because they were able to sell an outdated property (or fixer-upper) and still do very very well and still often have a bidding war on their hands. With the shift that's happening right now, yes properties that are overpriced are staying on the market longer but properties that are also more vulnerable to this current market are places that need work - properties that are outdated or properties that are fixer uppers. It's just very important to price a property well, especially if it’s not completely move-in ready. Bottom line, the properties that are selling the fastest and for the most money in the current Northern Virginia real estate market are move-in ready/remodeled properties that look amazing. We're still seeing a good number of bidding wars for these types of properties in this market.

4. Staging is More Important Than Ever

A lot of people don't realize the value of a staged home. Let me put it this way: Many buyers just don't have the imagination to really envision the space when they walk into a home. It helps to have a staged home to help them visualize where they would put their furniture and how they would live in the space. It helps home buyers to get emotionally invested in the property when you have staging. Staging doesn't necessarily have to be a fully staged home - it can be accent pieces and different things in different rooms and then just maybe have a couple (two or three) main living spaces that are better staged. Keep in mind every little bit helps in this current Northern Virginia real estate market in terms of helping your property stand apart from the competition.

5. Offering a Good Buyer Agent Commission

During the boom from 2020 leading into early 2022 we started seeing reduced buyer agent commissions. A very common buyer agent commission right now is somewhere around 2.5 - 2.75%.  We were seeing some sellers during the boom from 2020 to 2022 who were starting to offer very low buyer agent commissions in the MLS (2% 2.25%).  Sometimes, they were getting away with it because there was such a stark contrast between the number of buyers and properties available. However, in this shifting Northern Virginia real estate market, it's very important to offer a good buyer's agent commission to set your property apart from the competition. Buyer agents are a very important part of the home selling process, and you want to give all of the buyer agents who are showing your home to their buyer clients every incentive possible.

6. Work With a Northern Virginia Agent Who Knows How to Market Effectively

In this shifting market, it's important to get as many eyes as possible on your property in order to stand out from the competition. It's important to work with an agent who knows how to market effectively online, how to navigate pay-per-click ads, social media ads, organic traffic on search engines, as well as blogging. 

7.There Are Still Bidding Wars Out There

It's still very possible for your Northern Virginia home to sell in a bidding war, however the bidding wars that are happening right now look different from the way that they were happening in 2020-2022. We are still seeing waived contingencies but just not as many as we were back in 2020-2022. Sometimes a bidding war that might happen in today's Northern Virginia real estate market might very well mainly just involve a buyer making some changes to the sales price they are offering, and maybe waiving a contingency or two, but not waiving everything. We're still seeing bidding wars, but the bidding wars are different and are most often happening surrounding properties that are completely move-in ready (remodeled, look nice, very attractive to buyers). 

8. Sellers: You’ll Probably Need to Accept Contingencies in Offers

Keep in mind, most buyers out there will still be able to have most or all of their contingencies in an offer situation. It's surprising to a lot of sellers right now that they might have to accept a contract that has contingencies, such as a regular home inspection contingency that involves negotiation. A buyer in this current Northern Virginia real estate market can often negotiate for repairs or for monetary credits after the home inspection. That wasn't happening at all during the boom from the past couple years. Keep in mind, sellers are still getting great prices on their properties - it's just the dynamic has shifted some and buyers have more power than they had as recently as just a few months ago. 

Thinking of selling your Northern Virginia home? Call me at 703-462-0700 or email me at for a no-obligation comparable market analysis and consultation!

Aug. 4, 2022

JUST LISTED! 13822 Rampant Lion Ct, Centreville - $534,900

Beautiful 2-level Townhome with Functional Open Layout & Huge Deck! Fantastic Location. Now for Sale in Centreville!

13822 Rampant Lion Ct. - JUST LISTED

3 Bedrooms | 3.5 Baths | 1900+ Fin. Sq. Ft.

Call us at 703-462-0700 or email us at to schedule a time to view this stunning property!

Special Features & Updates


  • Spacious & functional open layout
  • Welcoming foyer entry
  • HUGE eat-in kitchen features:
    • Stainless steel appliances
    • Pass-through window to dining room
    • Plenty of room for kitchen table, island, & more
    • Pantry
    • Walkout to deck
  • Living room opens to large dining room
  • Plantation shutters
  • Bay window
  • Half bathroom
  • Soft neutral paint colors


  • Expansive primary suite
    • En-suite bathroom
    • Dual closets
    • Plantation shutters
    • Lots of windows!
  • 2 additional spacious bedrooms
  • 2nd full bathroom


  • Finished walkout basement
  • Huge family room w/ cozy fireplace + room for home gym, home office & MORE!
  • Full bathroom
  • Full size washer/dryer
  • Bonus unfinished storage space


  • Entertainer's dream! Huge deck with stairs down to massive lower level patio.
  • Fenced rear yard
  • 2 reserved spaces + extra visitor tags


  • Pool, walking trails, tennis courts, basketball courts, & tot lot!
  • Just minutes from shopping, groceries, dining, & entertainment!
  • FANTASTIC location! Convenient to commuter routes & major highways.
  • Minutes from Bull Run Park/Winery
Aug. 19, 2021

JUST LISTED! 11149 Rock Garden Dr, Fairfax - $274,999

Bright and Charming 2-level Townhome-Style Condo - RARE 952 sq ft Unit - One of the LARGEST in the Complex! Now for Sale in Fairfax City!

11149 Rock Garden Dr

Call us at 703-462-0700 or email us at to schedule a time to view this stunning property!


  • 2-level townhome-style condo!
  • One of the LARGEST models in the community!
  • Updated kitchen features:
    • Granite counters
    • NEW luxury vinyl plank flooring 
    • White shaker cabinets
    • Breakfast bar w/ pendant lighting
  • Fresh neutral paint!
  • NEW carpet upstairs!
  • PREMIUM window treatments throughout!
  • Spacious primary bedroom w/ dual closets
  • Updated main-level 1/2 bath w/ wainscoting
  • Large, fenced private patio - backs to courtyard!
  • NEWER furnace (2020) & A/C (2018)


  • Assigned parking just steps from front door!
  • Ample guest parking
  • Fitness center, pool, & tot lot!
  • FANTASTIC location - lots of shopping, dining, & entertainment options nearby!
  • Commuter's dream - quick & easy access to I-66, Rt 50 & US-29!




March 16, 2021

What Are The Average HOA Fees In Northern Virginia?

Updated March 2021

average hoa fees in virginia

One of the most common questions clients ask me is about the average HOA fees in Northern Virginia.

An HOA fee, or homeowners association fee, is a monthly or quarterly payment for services and amenities provided in a particular community. It may be a neighborhood of single-detached homes, or a townhouse community. The HOA is commonly operated by a board of property owners elected by a majority of the other property owners.

Services typically include maintenance of and repairs in common areas, garbage disposal, and community security systems and personnel. Amenities vary depending on the community, but can include features such as swimming pools, tennis courts, walking trails, and tot lots.

It’s good to know the average HOA fees you’ll encounter as you begin your home search in Northern Virginia. Lots of homes in this area don’t have HOA fees, but some do. It is essential to factor in this information because it directly impacts your housing budget.

Average HOA Fees In Northern Virginia Neighborhoods

I sell a lot of properties with homeowners associations, and the average HOA fees I see are anywhere from $600 to $1,500 per year. These are considerably lower than condo fees, which are almost always considerably higher than HOA fees.

This number varies based on a lot of factors, including how many amenities the community has, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whether or not a community has more or less expensive homes. For instance, I recently sold a home for just under $1 million in an older community that had HOA fees of around $120 per year.

Square footage, however, does matter in some communities. For instance, a homeowner with a larger residence may pay higher HOA fees than a homeowner in the same community with a smaller property. This is based on the assumption that a bigger home requires more maintenance, such as a wider lawn area to mow and lodges more occupants that use the community’s services.

The location and the level of community upkeep required also play major roles in an HOA board’s decision on the amount property owners are charged.

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What Exactly Do HOA Fees Include?

The coverage of HOA dues varies as widely as the range of the fees mentioned above. An average homeowners association management fees typically involve these services: trash collection and snow removal, and landscaping and grounds maintenance.

If your community offers common recreation areas, such as a clubhouse with a swimming pool, park, or playground, then you may expect higher HOA fees. These would cover the electricity, water, Wi-Fi, pest control, and other utilities needed in the common areas.

An HOA board also needs to set aside reserve funds for emergency major repairs like replacing the old, worn-out clubhouse roof, or projects like parking resurfacing, swimming pool and exterior lighting repairs and replacements, etc.

In addition, the fees could involve HOA rules enforcement to ensure each residence’s curb appeal is properly maintained. This aspect is important in preserving or even increasing the value of properties within the community.

Are HOA Fees The Same Every Year?

Regular HOA fees are generally predictable because they follow current rates of utilities, salaries, and vendor prices in the county where the community is located. These expenses make up the bulk of the fees. Thus, an increase will be minimal, but is to be expected over time.

In some cases, an HOA board can authorize a special assessment, which is an additional amount that goes to the community’s fund reserves. It covers emergency repairs of damages occurring in common areas due to natural disasters or structural age. This fee can be added by the board by passing a resolution and then notifying the community. A poll among homeowners is not necessary.

Depending on the preferences of the homeowners, a special assessment can be charged either in a lump sum once a year or in increments on top of the regular monthly or quarterly dues.

What Kinds Of Homes Don’t Have HOA Fees?

Lots of communities with older homes don’t have HOA fees. For instance, as you get closer to D.C., you’ll find many neighborhoods with homes built in the 1940s and 1950s that don’t have homeowners associations.

Although most Northern Virginia townhome communities have homeowners associations, you can find some that don’t. For instance, in many areas of Arlington and Alexandria, it’s common to find brick duplexes and older brick row houses built in the 1940s and 1950s that don’t have HOAs. I recently helped some buyer clients find an awesome brick row house in the Del Ray area with no HOA.

Average HOA Fees In Northern Virginia FAQs

How Do You Calculate HOA Fees?

An HOA board makes a list of expenses related to maintenance, repairs, and utilities of all the common areas in the community, employees’ compensation, vendor services, and HOA management fees. Insurance is also considered an expense.

The total amount is then divided by the number of homes in the community. Some HOAs base it on each property’s size. Thus, homeowners occupying larger pieces of land would pay higher fees.

Is It Good To Buy A House With HOA?

It depends on your household’s needs and preferences. Some homeowners prefer to have the last word on the style and design of their home and yard, which may not align with an HOA’s rules. Others would pay for the convenience of having a well-maintained swimming pool, park, and playground within the neighborhood.

Do Renters Pay HOA?

Most landlords pay the HOA fees because delinquent payments can prompt the HOA to penalize or even foreclose on a property. This is a risk that very few homeowners are willing to place in the hands of their tenants.

What Is An HOA Initiation Fee?

Also called the buy-in fee, the HOA initiation fee is the amount charged to a property within the community upon transfer to another owner. This fee varies greatly - some communities don’t charge more than a small admin fee, while some communities charge a larger initial fee.

Who Pays The HOA Transfer Fees, The Buyer Or The Seller?

Usually, the buyer pays the HOA transfer fees, but sometimes, a seller absorbs it as part of their property’s purchase price. In certain instances, the buyer and the seller split the fee between them.

Is There A Penalty Imposed On Late Payments On HOA Fees?

Yes, delinquent accounts incur penalties. The amount differs per HOA, so it’s advisable to read the fine print on the board’s governing rules to set your expectations.

It’s also important to know that an HOA can issue a foreclosure on your property when payments are delayed for an extended period. However, most HOAs are open to payment plans. Thus, if you are going through financial challenges, it would be best to inform the board ahead of time and negotiate your payment terms.


Living in a community governed by a homeowners association has more advantages than disadvantages, and with a wide range of HOA fees available, you have plenty of options when choosing a home to purchase that fits both your lifestyle and your budget.

If you’re interested in comparing average HOA fees with average condo fees, you can check out this other article on my blog.

Email me at for a free list of the top 10 homes with zero HOA fees that are for sale in the area of your choice!

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Dec. 18, 2020

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost In Virginia?

Updated December 2020

home inspection cost virginia

Incorporating the home inspection cost in Virginia into your budgeting when purchasing a home is very important. Many people forget to account for these costs when they are planning to buy, and that can lead them feeling overwhelmed when it comes time to handle the inspection.

Your home inspection costs in Northern Virginia will vary, depending on the quality of your inspector and the type and size of property you’re purchasing.

No matter which inspector you choose, you should always get a home inspection when purchasing real estate in Northern Virginia. You worked hard to save money for your home, so you should protect your investment when you go into your purchase contract.

To make sure you can make the most out of your home inspection, it’s important to understand how much they cost on average, what goes into a home inspection, and who is paying for the inspection.

A Table Of Contents For Home Inspection Cost In Virginia

How Much Is A Home Inspection In Virginia?

Many buyers have the same question: how much does a home inspection cost in Virginia?

The average price is going to depend on a number of factors:

  • Property size
  • Inspector experience
  • Type of home
  • Home location

Let’s break down the average costs based on the size and type of property you are having inspected.

How Much Is A Home Inspection In Virginia?

The biggest factor is going to be square footage, but single-family homes that have their own electric, plumping, and other systems that are completely separate from others will also cost more because of these factors. Townhomes and condos sometimes cost less when there are fewer systems to inspect, but this will depend on the specific property.

If you’re buying a single-family home, you should expect to pay anywhere from around $450 to $900, depending on the size of the property. For homes that are under 3,000 square feet, $450 to $600 is common, and townhomes that are around the same square footage often have comparable home inspection costs.

For larger homes that are over 4,000 or 5,000 square feet, your inspection will probably run you around $750 to $900. For a one-bedroom condo in Northern Virginia, $350 to $450 is common, and for a larger condo, it’s typical to pay around $400 to $500, depending on the square footage.

The range of home inspection costs in Virginia is likely to fall in the range of $350 to $900 depending on the specifics of the property. This is slightly above the national average.

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Home Inspection Fees FAQs

What’s Included In Home Inspection Fees?

Generally speaking, home inspection fees typically cover investigative inspection of the four major things:

  1. Roofing
  2. Structural/foundation
  3. Plumbing
  4. Electrical

Beyond these things, the inspection will usually cover included appliances as well as any other glaring safety hazards the inspector may come across.

Structural / Foundation

While inspecting, the inspector will be checking the structure to ensure there are no water leaks or cases of water intrusion in the home. Leaks can be a serious issue that leads to many problems, so this is incredibly important.

Roof Condition

The roof condition is important for the overall integrity of the home as well, so the inspector will evaluate the roof’s condition and ensure they do not see any leaks.

What’s Included In Home Inspection Fees?

Electrical System

Electrical problems can be a severe safety hazard and they can also be very costly to repair if they are left for too long. For this reason, inspectors typically take extra time and care while inspecting the electrical system to catch any problems early.

Additional Systems

While those four areas listed above are the most important systems that home inspections should include, the complete report needs to cover a lot of ground:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Plumping
  • Electrical system
  • Roof condition
  • Attic
  • Insulation safety
  • Walls and ceiling condition
  • Floor condition
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Safety codes
  • Foundation
  • Basement
  • Other structural components

Some homebuyers may also want to consider adding specialty inspections to their inspection. These inspections are not necessary for every property but can be helpful in special cases:

  • Septic system
  • Well water supply
  • Radon risk
  • Asbestos risk
  • Termite risk
  • Foundation specialist

These specialist additions will add on to the inspection cost, and the cost can vary widely.

Who Usually Pays For Home Inspection Fees?

In most situations, the buyer is the one who will pay for the home inspection fees. The buying process is, however, a negotiation. It’s possible for a buyer to ask the seller to take on the cost of the home inspection as part of their offer, but this wouldn’t be typical.

How Do Condo Inspection Costs Compare?

When thinking about buying a condo in Northern Virginia, you might be wondering how the home inspection costs are going to compare to the usual home inspection costs.

Condo inspection cost can vary a lot depending on the type of condo, the layout of the condo, the size of the condo, and the structure of the building. Additionally, you will need to decide if you want to do a full condo inspection or just an interior inspection.

Interior inspections for a 1,000-square foot condo may cost as little as $300 to $350. Condos that have attached attics or garages will cost more. Contact a local inspector to get a more specific idea of what you can expect.

Is A Home Inspection Required In Virginia?

While most lenders will not require a home inspection for a buyer who is getting a home loan, home inspections are advisable in all cases to ensure you know what you are getting into with a new property.

Inspections Will Save You Money!

Though a home inspection is going to cost you upfront because of home inspection fees, you can expect to save money in the long term. Inspections may help you to identify problem areas to get the sellers to fix the issues before you buy, or you may be able to negotiate a better deal on your dream property thanks to the inspection.

Are you thinking of buying a home in Northern Virginia? Email me for a list of the top 10 homes you can buy for zero money down in your favorite neighborhood!

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Nov. 11, 2020

Just Listed! - 11717-C Karbon Hill Ct #708B, Reston, VA 20191

Spacious Ground Floor Condo w/ Stunning Wooded Views! - Now For Sale in Reston, VA!

Reston, VA Condo for Sale - Stunningly Updated 2Bed/1Bath

Call us at 703-462-0700 or email us at to schedule a time to view this stunning townhome!



  • CORNER unit w/ spacious & inviting open floorplan!
  • Gorgeous wide plank LVP flooring throughout!
  • Dramatic wood panel accent wall
  • BEAUTIFULLY updated kitchen featuring:
  • Creamy off-white cabinets
  • Stunning granite counters
  • Stainless steel double door refrigerator & range!
  • On-trend neutral paint
  • Huge primary bedroom w/ large walk-in closet, separate vanity area, & walkout to private patio!
  • Large dual-entry bathroom w/ gorgeously updated shower tile
  • Built-in bookcase
  • Washer/dryer in unit 
  • Expansive private patio w/ serene wooded VIEWS!


  • Gorgeous wooded condo community w/ lots of trees!
  • Amenities include:
  • Tennis courts 
  • Woodland trails
  • Tot lot
  • Access to FANTASTIC Reston Assoc. amenities, including pools, walking trails, tennis courts, lakes & more!
  • Pet-friendly community
  • Assigned parking
Oct. 29, 2020

Under Contract! 2772 Manhattan Pl, Vienna, VA 22180

Stunning End Unit Townhome Steps from Metro! - Now For Sale in Vienna, VA!

Vienna, VA Townhome for Sale - Stunningly Updated 3Bed/2.5Bath

Call us at 703-462-0700 or email us at to schedule a time to view this stunning townhome!


  • Inviting open layout FLOODED w/ natural light!
  • Gleaming hardwood flooring throughout THREE LEVELS!
  • Cozy gas fireplace
  • Elegant 9 ft ceilings
  • Neutral paint throughout 
  • Crown molding
  • Chair railing
  • Updated light fixtures
  • Recessed wall accent niches 
  • TONS of windows throughout!
  • BRIGHT & ROOMY open kitchen featuring:
  • Granite counters
  • ALL stainless steel appliances
  • Kitchen island
  • Pantry cabinets
  • Desk nook
  • Expansive master bedroom w/ large walk-in closet & en-suite full bathroom
  • Second master w/ walk-in closet & attached dual entry bathroom
  • Large third bedroom w/ walk-in closet
  • Welcoming foyer entry w/ half bath, coat closet, & secure garage access



  • Private balcony - perfect for grilling out!
  • Attached TWO CAR GARAGE 
  • Attractive brick front exterior
  • Low HOA fee!



  • FANTASTIC location - short walk to Dunn Loring Metro!
  • Walkable to shopping, dining, & entertainment at the Mosaic District!
  • Harris Teeter just steps away; MOM's Organic Market & Target very nearby!
  • Minutes from commuter routes including I-495, I-66 & Lee Hwy!
Oct. 28, 2020

Just Listed! - 1034 Valley Dr, Alexandria, VA 22302

Spacious Top Floor Condo with Wooded Views! - Now For Sale in Alexandria, VA!

Alexandria, VA Condo for Sale - Stunningly Updated 1Bed/1Bath

Call us at 703-462-0700 or email us at to schedule a time to view this remodeled condo!

**OPEN HOUSE: Saturday, October 31st: 1-3PM**


  • Spacious open floorplan offering lots of natural light!
  • GLEAMING hardwood floors throughout!
  • Fresh neutral paint throughout!
  • BEAUTIFULLY remodeled kitchen featuring:
  • Fresh white cabinets
  • Stunning granite counters
  • All stainless steel appliances!
  • Huge bedroom w/ large closet
  • TONS of storage space - coat closet & walk-in hall closet!
  • Washer/dryer in unit 
  • NEW light fixtures & updated white blinds
  • Serene wooded VIEWS
  • Private entrance to unit
  • Gorgeous community w/ lots of GREEN SPACE!


  • TERRIFIC amenities:
  • 3 swimming pools
  • 7 tennis courts
  • 2 volleyball courts
  • Basketball court
  • Exercise facility
  • Woodland trails
  • Tot lots
  • Pet-friendly community
  • FANTASTIC Alexandria City location - near Shirlington, Potomac Yard, Reagan Nat'l Airport & more!