Home staging ideas in Northern Virginia Part 2

This is the second article in a blog series on home staging ideas you can use as you get ready to sell your Northern Virginia home. So far, we’ve covered Part 1.

Home Staging Ideas – Getting Rid of Clutter is Essential

  • In the kitchen, follow the rule of no more than three items on your counter to show off as much counter space as possible. However, don’t just stuff everything in the cabinets below. You want to box up all the items that are simply taking up space (such as a blender, or the fondue set you got as a wedding gift) and only leave the necessities, which should be organized. Do the same in your pantry.
  • In the bathroom, clean everything off the countertops with the exception of hand soap. Organize everything else in bins and store them in the cabinets below. 
  • Be sure to clean out your closets and store away anything you do not need, such as off-season clothing. Organize the things that are left behind.
  • In bedrooms, put away everything that is not necessary. This is of particular importance in kid’s bedrooms. Get rid of toys they no longer play with and utilize bins to keep what remains up and off the floor.
  • If you realize that you have a lot of things that need to be packed up, don’t simply stack them up in the garage. Rent a storage unit to store them until you are ready to move. After all, potential buyers want to see a spacious home and garage. 

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