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Home Buying Process in Northern Virginia

The home buying process in Northern Virginia can seem overwhelming at first, but when it’s broken down into its various steps, it’s a lot less complicated than it appears. In addition to figuring out which areas and types of properties you’re interested in, it’s important to learn about what happens when you find the right home and you’re ready to make an offer on it.

The articles below will give you some great information about virtually every aspect of the home buying process. You’ll learn about how to make an offer, what happens after you get a purchase contract on Northern Virginia real estate, how the home inspection process and negotiations work, what the appraisal process is like, how your loan gets processed and eventually approved, and much, much more!

As you’re reading over the articles on our website, please feel free to reach out with questions any time. We have a very strict “no pressure” policy, and we go out of our way to give people their space as they’re exploring the home buying process and trying to get a feel for the types of properties they like and don’t like.

Learn About the Home Buying Process

Closing Costs

How Much are Closing Costs for Home Buyers in Northern Virginia?

Getting a seller to pay your closing costs on a home purchase

Finding the Right Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent

One of the best ways to make sure the home buying process isn’t stressful is picking the right real estate agent. These articles go into detail about qualities to look for in an agent, as well as the different roles agents play in Northern Virginia real estate transactions. 

Do You Have a Full Time Real Estate Agent?

Why I Don't Mind Working with Picky Home Buyers

What is a Selling Agent in a Real Estate Contract?

Working With a “No Pressure” Real Estate Agent?

Home Buying Tips

Is the Zillow Zestimate Accurate?

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Don’t Just Buy a Home You Like – Buy an Investment

How the Home Buying Process Works

Things to Consider When You Buy an Old Home

How to Make an Offer on Northern Virginia Real Estate

When You Buy a Home, There’s a Difference Between Settling and Compromising   

Is a Tax Assessment Useful When it Comes to Estimating the Value of a Property?

Is That Seller Really Desperate to Sell?

Home Buyers Beware - Don’t Lose Your Shirt in a Bidding War!

Is it Possible to Purchase a Home in a Seller’s Market and Still Get a Good Deal?

What’s the Best Way to Learn How Motivated a Seller Is?

What are Typical HOA fees in Northern Virginia Neighborhoods?

Advantages of a Mortgage Vs Paying Cash for a Home

Tips for Homebuyers Who are Relocating

3 Great Tips For Moving into Your New Property 

How to find Great Real Estate Deals

What is the Difference Between Homeowners Insurance and a Home Warranty?

How are Real Estate Commissions Calculated?

Should You Use an Expiration Date in Your Offer to Buy Northern Virginia Real Estate?

How to Get a Free Appraisal When You Buy a Home

Can You Still Get a Big Discount When You Buy a Home with 100% Cash?

What You Need to Know About "For Sale by Owner" Condos

Does Zillow’s Home Search Feature Give you Access to all of the Homes for Sale in the Area?

What Happens if a Home Appraisal Report Comes Back Lower than the Contract Sales Price?

Who Exactly is the listing agent in a Northern Virginia Real Estate Transaction?

Is Cash Still King in a Real Estate Purchase?

Is it a Good Idea to Sell Your Home to a Cash Buyer?

The Home Buying Process - Working with a Buyer’s Agent

Are Split Level Homes Good Investments?

What Happens at a Final Walk Through Before Closing?

Learn Your Options for Building a Custom Home on a Vacant Lot

How do Property Surveys Work?

How to Find Great Fixer-Upper Deals

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paying all Cash for a Home Vs. Getting a Loan

What Options do You Have When Selling Your Home and Buying Another One?

The Home Buying Process Begins - How to Make an Offer to Buy a Home in Northern Virginia  

Northern Virginia Condo Buying Tips

How is Condo Ownership Different from Home Ownership?

How is a Condo Contract Different from a Regular Home Purchase Contract?

How to Buy a Condo in Northern Virginia

What are Average Condo Fees in NoVa?

What do Typical Condo Fees in Northern Virginia Include?

What to Expect at a Condo Inspection

Does that Condo Meet the Requirements for FHA Loans and VA Loans?

Do Northern Virginia Condos Make Good Investments?

What You Need to Know About Condo Resale Certificates

How is a Co-Op Different from a Condo?

Home Inspection Process

One of the most important parts of the home buying process is the home inspection. The articles below will give you more information about what to expect:

What to Expect from Your Home Inspection

What is the Average Cost of a Home Inspection in this Area?

Home Inspection Negotiation Strategies for Home Buyers

How Much do Termite Inspections in Northern Virginia Typically Cost?

Should You Get a Home Inspection Before Putting Your Home on the Market?

Home Loan Pre-Approval Process

The home buying process really gets moving after a buyer has gotten pre-approved for a home loan. This is when they know all the specifics about how much of a loan they qualify for, and what their down payment options are, etc.

How to Increase Your Credit Score Before Buying a Home  

Why it’s Important to Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan

What do Mortgage Professionals Look for on Your Credit Report?  

Should You Buy a Home at Your Max Pre-Approved Price?

What is Private Mortgage Insurance?

Home Loan Information

The home buying process can’t even begin without choosing the right kind of home loan for your needs. The articles below provide important information on various loan options.

Do You Qualify for a Zero Down Loan With Grant Money?

What are the Differences Between an FHA Home Appraisal and a Regular Home Appraisal?

What is an FHA Home Improvement Loan?

How Much Is Your Down Payment on an FHA Loan?

How Much Does a Home Appraisal Cost in Northern Virginia?

How to Help Ensure Your Home Loan Is Approved Quickly

Is it Possible to Buy a Zero Down Investment Property?

Is it a Good Idea to Get an Online Home Loan?

What is Included in Your Monthly Home Payment?

Why do You Have to Fill Out so Much Paperwork When You Apply For a Home Loan?

VHDA Loan - a Great No Money Down Loan Option

Does a Mortgage Professional Charge Up-Front Fees for Doing Your Home Loan?

A Look at the Home Appraisal Process

What Exactly is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Tips on Choosing the Right Mortgage Professional in Northern Virginia

How to Get FHA Loan Down Payment Assistance

What is a “Stated Income Home” Loan?

What Happens in an FHA Home Appraisal?

Advantages and Disadvantages of an FHA Loan

Tips on How to Get Down Payment Assistance from the Government

Buying a Fixer-Upper in Northern Virginia

Fixing and Flipping Homes - The Basics

How to Finance a Fixer Upper

Learn Strategies for Flipping Fixer Upper Homes in the Northern Virginia

How to Spot the Right Fixer-Upper Home to Buy

Home Warranties

When You Purchase a Home, Does it Come with a Buyer Home Warranty?

Home Warranty FAQs

Why Buyers Should Get a Home Warranty

Northern Virginia Real Estate Contracts

When you know more about how contracts work in these areas, the home buying process seems a little more straightforward. In this section, we’ll be continuing to add more articles about real estate contracts, so check back often!

What is An Escalation Clause in a Real Estate Contract? When and How is it Used?

What is a Residential Property Disclosure Statement?

Northern Virginia Real Estate Investing Tips

The home buying process for purchasing a home to live in is different from when you’re buying an investment property. Below, you’ll learn tips on investing in real estate in this area.  

What You Should Know Before Buying an Investment Property

How Much is the Interest Rate for an Investment Property?

Real Estate Investing Tips – Finding the Right Fixer-Upper Property

Tips on Finding the Right Condo Investment Property

Strategies for Fixing and Flipping Homes

Real Estate Closings

What Happens at a Real Estate Settlement?

Northern Virginia Foreclosures and Bank Owned Properties

What Are Pre Foreclosure Properties on Zillow?

How is a Foreclosure Different from Other Types of Real Estate Sales?

Tips on Finding Good Foreclosure Deals in the Northern Virginia Area

Will You Always Get Great Deal When You Buy a Bank Owned Property?

How to Get Great Deals on Bank Owned Homes

Short Sales

The home buying process is different when it comes to short sales and other types of As-Is sales. Below, you’ll learn what to expect:

Can You Offer Lower Than List Price on a Short Sale Property?

Short Sale FAQs

Short Sales - Pros and Cons

Short Sales – Important Things to Consider

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